LOGLINE FINETUNING - post your logline and have it reviewed.

SCRIPT DOWNLOAD LINKS - ten great sites where you can download movie and TV scripts for free.

SCREENWRITING SOFTWARE - a great guide to paid and free screenwriting software.


- a glossary of screenwriting terms and filmmaking definitions.


- a good collection of script coverage templates.

ONLINE RESOURCES and - great sources of books, softwares, articles, information, competitions, tutorials, writing forums etc. - a site that brings writers and their unproduced screenplays together with filmmakers and producers. - a comprehensive resource for screenwriters. - a good source for information on the craft and business of writing for film and television. and - the two main trade papers with the latest information on the film and television industries. - a magazine with articles and interviews on all aspects of screenwriting.

USEFUL SITES FOR RESEARCH - a website that tracks box office revenue allowing you to estimate how profitable your antecedents were. - tracks the various script/screenplay, book, treatment, and pitch sales and options made in Hollywood each day as well as internationally. - Internet Movie Database, the oldest and largest movie database on the internet.


SCREENWRITING GURUS - Robert Mckee - Michael Hauge - Blake Snyder - John Truby - Syd Field

IN SWEDEN - The Writers Guild of Sweden (Dramatikerförbundet), a

trade association that organizes screenwriters, playwrights and translators of dramatic text. - The Swedish Film & TV Producers (Film&TV-Producenterna), a trade association representing independent production companies in the film and television industries. Here is a list of their members. - The Swedish Film Database, the best source about Swedish film. - Swedish Film Institute - a digital library of playscripts administered by The Writers Guild of Sweden. - a venue for filmmakers to market themselves and expand their network. - a devoted website with articles about all aspects of filmmaking and

a big section about screenwriting. - Stockholm County’s talent development centre and meeting place for filmmakers, granting production funding and arranging workshops. - dedicated to the world of movies and television with reviews, previews, interviews, discussions, trailers, film festival coverage and the latest news and rumors about movies from around the world. - Stockholm University of the Arts (Stockholms Konstnärliga Högskola) provides education in the fields of film, media, performing arts, acting and more - independent courses, Bachelor's programmes and

Master's programmes. - a production company based in Stockholm

that occasionally arranges courses in scriptwriting. - a one-year scriptwriting course covering the basics when it comes to writing drama for theater, film, television and radio and with the opportunity to apply for an additional project year. - a screenplay scholarship. - scholarships and support for scriptwriters. - scholarships for projects in the fields of art, litterature and more. - grants given to artistic projects.